Central Finance appointed as an Accredited practical Training Partner by CMA

5 August 2014 by user

In tying up with the Certified Management Accounts of Sri Lanka (CMA), Central Finance is now a recognized practical training establishment for CMA students. The MOU between the two entities will provide CMA students an opportunity to obtain training in the Management Accounting & Finance field which will act as a foundation to progress in thei…

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Fitch Ratings Lanka affirms ‘A+(lka)’ Rating for Central Finance

14 November 2013 by user

Fitch Ratings Lanka has affirmed Central Finance Company Plc’s (CF) National Long-Term Rating at ‘A+(lka)’ The Outlook has been classified is Stable. Central Finance has received this rating of ‘A+(lka)’ consecutively since 2006. Fitch Ratings is a widely recognized international rating agency providing high quality credit ratings to financial inst…

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Central Finance : Number 16 in Business Today Top 25

7 November 2013 by user

The Business Today TOP 25 Award recognizes the top corporate performers and acknowledges their role in furthering the economic development of the country.

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Central Finance Awarded Certificate of Compliance by ICASL

1 September 2012 by user

Central Finance was awarded the Certificate of Compliance for compliance with accounting and auditing regulations in the annual report This award encourages transparency and good governance among companies in the field of financial reporting

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Central Finance awarded an A Brand Rating

5 June 2010 by user

Brand Finance Plc rates CF at ‘A’ in recognition of Brand strength. Brand Finance Plc is the world’s leading independent brand valuation consultancy and brand value is reviewed by an expert panel of brand analysts.

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Licensed by the Monetary Board of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka under the Finance Business Act No.42 of 2011 and Finance Leasing Act No 56 of 2000 | Reg No: PQ 67| Credit Rating A-(lka) Outlook Stable affirmed by Fitch Ratings Lanka Limited

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