CF Kalin Poli

The unique feature of this product is the option provided to customers to discount their future deposit interest at any given time during the period of deposit subject to completion of one month of the deposit at a predefined discounted rate.

CF kalin-poli-inner-en

Main features would be as follows,

  1. Period of Deposit & Deposit Schemes :
    This facility would be applicable for deposits made for periods between 12 months to 60 months irrespective of monthly or maturity and for all scheme categories of normal and Senior citizens.
  2. Interest Discounting Method :
    Basically there are two interest discounting options available under this scheme.

    1. Part Interest withdrawn early on discounted basis.
      In the event a part of the interest is withdrawn early on a discounted basis the balance interest will be payable at maturity for withdrawal or capitalization.
    2. Full Interest withdrawn early on discounted basis.
      In this situation the depositor has the option of discounting the full interest amount due to him/her at any given time subject to the applicable discounting rate. If the interest has not been discounted in advance the customer has the option of withdrawing the full interest at maturity or could capitalize for a further period.