Envisioning a greater tomorrow for flourishing young minds

19 January 2018 by user
Envisioning a greater tomorrow for flourishing young minds

Unique talents and skills that reside within young minds have the potential to evolve into greatness tomorrow. If given the necessary thrust and support, they have the potential to fly high and wrap the world in wonder. Central Finance ‘Sisu Athwela Scholarship Programme’ is a worthy endeavour that aims to unearth the talents that reside within underprivileged children in the country. As a responsible Corporate Entity, Central Finance seeks to extend its caring arm to the deserving young individuals who have the potential to become the stars of tomorrow.

Central Finance envisions a greater future for promising young children who are burdened with financial difficulties. It is to achieve this noble mission that Central Finance launched the ‘Sisu Athwela Scholarship Programme’.

‘Sisu Athwela Scholarship Programme’ supports the students up to their tertiary education and grants them the financial strength that they need to propel forward towards a greater future. Grade 5 scholarship examination is taken as a benchmark and young individuals who surpass the barrier with flying colours are given prominence during the selection phase. Exceptional students who are recommended by their respective class teacher and principal are also taken into consideration. Performance of the young individual and income level of the family are taken as primary criterion when short-listing the candidates for the programme.

Before granting the scholarship, the CSR representatives from Central Finance will visit the schools and families to ensure that deserving individuals are shortlisted for the scholarship programme. The students are selected strictly from rural areas and underprivileged schools. As a responsible organisation that values gender equality, Central Finance also seeks to offer equal number of opportunities to young students from both genders.

The organisation seeks to forge a strong relationship with the child and his/her family which enables the Company to monitor the progress made by the student. The students are given starter packs at the beginning of each year. Continuous financial support is extended to the students throughout the year in the form of two monthly stipends. The guardian of the student is given one stipend whilst the other is deposited to a minor’s savings account maintained at Central Finance.

As an organisation that is committed to fulfil its corporate responsibility, Central Finance strongly holds the view that programmes of this nature will contribute to empower the youth of tomorrow and help them realise their true potential.

As of 2019 Central Finance is proud to be sponsoring the educational needs of 188 students from 162 different schools around the island.

Licensed by the Monetary Board of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka under the Finance Business Act No.42 of 2011 and Finance Leasing Act No 56 of 2000 | Reg No: PQ 67| Credit Rating A-(lka) Outlook Stable affirmed by Fitch Ratings Lanka Limited

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