Debt Moratorium Application to Central Finance Company PLC

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    (E) Expected Relief

    (F) I wish to confirm that I / my business has been affected due to the said COVID 19 epidemic and greatly appreciate it if you could facilitate the debt moratorium for the facilities obtained by me from Central Finance Company PLC.

    I/We understand that this application for moratorium is subject to Central Finance sole and absolute discretion to approve or decline the same. I/We further confirm that the information provided by me /us is true and accurate to the best of my/our knowledge and that I/we am/are aware that any incorrect information would disqualify me/us for any benefits under this Debt Moratorium prescribed by CBSL in terms of Circular No.


    I will be willing to furnish any further information and documentation to the company to facilitate the above if the same is required.

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    This application/request is only valid for the qualifying customers as defined in the CBSL circular.